Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We offer a few shipping options, based on the product you order.
If you order a design or electronics goods, we will deliver it electronically.
Some lightweight packages will sent it USPS First class or Priority mail
Most tangible items are shipped UPS Ground.

There is a local pick up option in our office after you receive notification during normal business hours: 

9 am - 6 pm; Monday through Friday

10 am - 6pm Saturdays

Call ahead for:


Return PolicyPrint Items Return Policy (Business Cards and Printed Items)
Because of the custom nature of our printing and product fulfillment processes, we CANNOT accept returns, exchanges, or offer refunds for any printed items once an order has been approved online, over the phone or in our office. It is your sole responsibility as the customer to confirm the accuracy of all data, graphics and content contained in your order prior to approving and submitting your order. We fulfill printing and custom product orders automatically from our website, therefore, no one will review or verify the accuracy or visual correctness of your order prior to it being printed or fulfilled. Your order will print exactly as the information was entered and approved by you. We are not responsible for any incomplete or inaccurate information or for any typos associated with your order.
Also, we do not retouch any CMYK or RGB color profile. Unless you submit a spot PANTONE color, we do not guarantee the exactness of any color. Colors vary from device to device due to calibrations. We Will print the color information in your file. Make sure your monitor is correctly color calibrated.